How to Upgrade Cookies

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Everyone might love chocolate chip, sugar, and peanut butter cookies, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Upgrading your cookies into fan favorites that anyone can enjoy might take a little trial and error, but at least it will be delicious!

First, consider stirring more items into the basic cookie batter. You can chop up some candy like M&M’s or candy bars to create new chunky cookie creations. Other people have used marshmallows, trail mix, orange zest, and even ingredients like bacon and potato chips to add some more flavor and texture for their gourmet cookies atlanta.

Other gourmet cookie upgrades include cookie cake, where globs of dough are placed inside of a cupcake tray and baked, before they are frosted and eaten like cupcakes. Stuffed cookies are also an amazing option, with either frosting, icing, peanut butter, or another cream like item inside of them. You can even bake one batch of cookies, crumble them up, make a second batch and then mix in the crumbs.

You just made a cookie inside of a cookie! That’s always tasty and fun to eat, especially if they are different flavors. Of course, if you aren’t the master baker of the family, you can make the cookies look good visually. Frostings, chopped nuts, sprinkles, and candy can add another dimension to cookies. Especially if you apply them creatively and artistically.

Who’d want to eat another sugar cookie, when they could eat a cookie that looks like a smiley face! Get the kids involved in the decorating too, and baking cookies becomes a family activity that provides some great and delicious bonding time.

Upgrading cookies doesn’t have to be a herculean task, and its instead can become quite fun and engaging. So get messy, get experimenting, and create your own gourmet cookie creations!