If You’re A Bit Of A Foodie, This One’s For You!

Imagine yourself in the following picture. Think of rolling hills, hot sunshine, and exquisite food. Imagine the beauty of a little medieval town, wrapped around by a wall which has kept it safe for centuries. Imagine tiny villages nestled on the banks of a river which flows down from the alps bringing crystal clear water. Think of the bigger towns with their cathedrals and beautiful buildings built by Renaissance masters hundreds of years ago.

Hopefully, you’ve begun dreaming of Italy and perhaps even a wine tour italy. They call Tuscany Chiantishire for a reason. But there are plenty of other wines in Umbria and if you’d like to get a taste for them, moving around with a tour is the way to do it.

wine tour italy

There are plenty of good reasons to go with an oenophile. For one thing, you will get to see the very best. The tour organizers will have scouted out plenty of bijou-vineyards as well as some visits to the big names, you’ll definitely get to taste a Montepulciano and you can bet it will be suitably noble too. But perhaps best of all, there’s a designated driver every step of the way. You won’t have to worry about negotiating the little back roads or finding an out of the way spot – all that is done for you. But also you can taste the wine without worrying about how much have you had and is it too much for the Italian Police?

If that’s not enough, you can also add a cooking course onto your days of wine and sunshine. Learn how to produce authentic Italian food the way the Italians do it. It would be worth it to find out how to make Ribolitta like a Florentine if nothing else.