What Makes Wagyu Meat So Good?

wagyu-angus bred heifers stigler ok

It’s a meat from Japan and is one of the best, and most expensive meats in the world, but what makes it that way? For one thing, the cows are raised to be eaten by humans and their meat has a marbled texture. The texture shows several levels of muscular fat within the cow, which makes it a fuller and more delicious cut of beef.

There are four types of cows that can produce this meat, and many of them are bred in Japan. They aren’t massaged or given beer like the myths suggest, but they are treated well. The marbling pattern can be increased by the various types of feed that the cows are given, as well as through selective breeding.

The Japanese have very strict standards over which cows are good enough to create marbled meat, and they also have control over their cows through ID numbers. People can see when the cow was born, its life, when it was killed, and even its blood type.

The breeding of Wagyu cows with Angus cows has led to the rise of American made Kobe beef, which is a meat with the same marbled texture and rich taste. However, you don’t have to be rich to eat it! You can find wagyu-angus bred heifers stigler ok at various farms and other places, so you can eat an offshoot of the best beef in the world.

The marbled meat can be eaten in steak form, or can be eaten the Japanese way by either dipping slices of the meat in a kelp broth, or simmering the meat in a broth and then dipping the broth covered meat in a raw egg before eating it. Whichever way you choose to eat the wagyu meat, know that you are eating one of the best meats in the world.